Healthy Role Models (HRM) Fundraising Jewelry

Sarah Gilks and the Healthy Role Models community are passionate about leading by example and helping others live their best, healthiest lives.  

For our Spring 2019 journey, we are honoured to be helping to raise funds and awareness for K.I.D.S. International Development Society, and all of the proceeds from this ring will be directed to their cause.

Adrianne Dartnall and her partner Rick Lennert lost their only child, twenty one year old Danielle, when she was killed by a drunk driver. Devastated by the tragedy they sought to find meaning in their lives and to honour the memory of their daughter, who had wanted to be a teacher and loved children. They then formed the non-profit organization, K.I.D.S. Adrianne and Rick travel to developing countries where, using their own funds as well as funds that have been donated, they assist with the basic needs for the communities they work with including: housing, clean water, medicine, schools, educational supplies, transportation and small business grants.