My Story


Me and my original 3 Little Gems <3  

My name is Jada, and I am a storyteller through my custom designed jewelry. 

It was my destiny to create jewelry that means something to people, that connects them. 

Pieces that create memories, and tell a story.


I have been blessed to have been a part of some of my clients most important life events. 

From weddings to babies, birthdays, graduations, loss of a loved one or the loss of a pet.  

It all started quite accidentally. I was 40 years old with a new baby and 2 daughters aged 6 and 4.  

I had closed a retail business and found myself being a stay at home Mom with my kids – my “3 Little Gems”.

It was great to be home with them but like many women I know, I wanted something more... for me. 

I have always been creative so I got busy. 

I made scrapbooks for my kids and tried crocheting (which was not my forte!) and was getting frustrated to find an outlet for my creativity. 

Then it happened. 

I was in my husband’s workshop looking for inspiration and literally an industrial metal stamp kit fell on my head! 

Alright, I’m listening universe! Let’s see what I can do. 

I decided to stamp my kid’s names on a metal washer. 

I was so proud of it but not exactly thrilled with the quality (see photo). 

My husband was very supportive and said it looked lovely, and was sure with a bit of practice (and not industrial washers) that they would get better. 

(Bless his heart… his support was so encouraging for me)


So, practice I did! I filled up many garbage cans with stamped jewelry washers that didn't quite turn out, or that skipped, 

or that double stamped, or that scratched. I soon learned that stamping was somewhat of an art and that every stamper has their own techniques, 

the way they hold the stamp is unique unto itself. 


Friends and family were intrigued by my new hobby and soon I made my very first custom piece for a friend of mine who had just had a new baby.

I created a small stamped washer with her Baby's name, DOB and birthstone. 

She cried when she received it.


That day changed my life. 

It was my ah-ha moment that I realized I was on to something here. 

This made my heart sing and I knew it was what I wanted to do.... no, actually, what I was meant to do!


In 2012 I started creating cremation jewelry. 

I had a friend whose daughter was killed in a tragic accident at the age of 5. 

This affected me greatly as one of my girls was the same age. 

I wanted to give her something that would be very near and dear to her, something that would help bring some comfort to her. 

I created a cremation pendant with her beautiful daughter's name on it so she could always carry her close to her heart. 


A while later my dog passed away. She had been with us for 15 years. 

After the Veterinarian put her to sleep, she presented me a card with her paw print on it. 

 I burst into tears when I saw it. It was so special. 

For most people, the loss of a pet is, in almost every way, is comparable to the loss of a human loved one. It sure was for me.  

Unfortunately, there’s little in our cultural playbook – no grief rituals, no obituary in the local newspaper, no religious service – to help us get through the loss of a pet. 

This was an opportunity to give some comfort for people dealing with the grief of losing a beloved pet, and help their memories of their pet eternal. 


I knew that I had a gift in being able to create special keepsakes to help in the healing process.  


Our lives are made up of many stories.  

Stories of birth, death, love, sadness, happiness, survival, adventure, joy

and everything in between

I am blessed and honoured to create memories in jewelry to treasure forever for my clients.


Jada xo

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